The Impact of Poor Staff Performance on Health Care Management 20240407 173050 0000

The Impact of Poor Staff Performance on Healthcare Management Teams:

Abstract: In the healthcare industry, professionalism plays a critical role in ensuring the delivery of high quality patient care. However, staff inefficiency can negatively impact not only patient outcomes but also the efficiency and overall effectiveness of health care teams. This article explores the various causes of underperformance, their implications for healthcare professional communities, and…

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Role of Corporate 20240403 171935 0000

The Role of Corporate Houses in Hiring B-School Students: Exploring Pros and Cons

INTRODUCTION In vocational education, the symbiotic relationship between corporate houses and vocational schools is evident. While business schools aim to train students and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge, corporate houses are looking for talented individuals who can contribute to the growth and success of their organizations. The process of hiring B-students by…

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Crafting a Strategic Brand Portfolio: Building Blocks and Best Practices

Introduction: The importance of a strong brand in today’s competitive environment cannot be overstated. A well-managed brand portfolio is an asset management strategy that can drive customer loyalty, market share growth and overall business success. However, managing resource efficiency requires careful planning, resource allocation and a deep understanding of customer preferences. In this article, we…

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AI marketing revealed: The future revolution in consumer engagement

INTRODUCTION Commerce has changed dramatically in the digital age, and artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game changer. AI marketing, also known as AI-driven marketing, uses advanced technology to streamline processes, improve customer experiences and drive targeted campaigns This article explores AI marketing challenges, its current status and promising future prospects. Understanding AI Marketing…

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“Buzz, Backlash, Brilliance: The Controversial Marketing Equation”

INTRODUCTION Controversy certainly attracts attention, but whether it is a “good” business strategy depends on a variety of factors. While controversy can create buzz and get people talking about a brand or product, it can also come back if not handled properly. It’s a high-risk, high-reward option. Some positives: Controversy generates more media coverage, social…

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Indian Corporate Leading the Way: Philanthropy as a Cornerstone of Corporate Social Responsibility

INTRODUCTION In recent years, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) scenario in India has changed dramatically. The country has seen an increase in philanthropic efforts, with more businesses investing heavily in the community and addressing pressing issues This commitment to giving back reflects a paradigm shift where businesses are recognizing their role in sustainable development and…

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What makes personal marketing work? Why are Dove and Axe so successful at it?

INTRODUCTION Personal marketing, at its core, works by building a relationship between the consumer and the brand through targeted strategies that connect on a personal or emotional level Dove and AXE are two brands under the parent company Unilever a they have excelled in personal marketing, albeit with different strategies. DOVE: 1-Embracing Real Beauty:  Dove’s…

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What does a holistic marketing philosophy include?

INTRODUCTION A holistic marketing philosophy is a comprehensive approach that considers the business from a comprehensive perspective, combining elements to create an integrated and customer-focused strategy. There are usually four main components involved. 1- Internal Marketing: This involves ensuring that everyone in the organization, from employees to stakeholders, understands and embraces the values, vision and…

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Death of a Brand 20231217 131817 0000

“Harmonizing Progress: Navigating Technology, Globalization, and Social Responsibility”

INTRODUCTION The market is very different from even 10 years ago, with new business practices, opportunities and emerging challenges. In this article, we focus on three trans-formative forces: Technology, Globalization, and Social Responsibility. Technology The pace of technological change and the number of technologies available can be staggering. Recently, mobile phones in India surpassed 500…

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