Nevia: The the Quest for Sustainable Innovation

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In 1882, pharmacist Paul C. Beiersdorf set up his enterprise with a patent for scientific plasters. Beiersdorf sold his employer to Oscar Troplowitz in 1890. By 1911, Oscar Troplowitz had developed the world’s first strong pores and skin cream primarily based on a water-in-oil emulsion. He named the product Nivea, derived from the Latin phrases nix, nivis, that means “snow” or “of snow.” With this logo name, the middle benefit of Nivea became being highlighted: Nivea included the pores and skin in order that it stayed white as snow—the precise of female splendor in Europe at the start of the closing century.

By 1914, the corporation had already generated 42 percentage in their income outdoor of Germany and become doing business in 34 international locations. Fourteen years after its marketplace introduction, Nivea underwent what we would these days name a relaunch. Before 1925, Nivea crème turned into bought in an off-white tin with the brand name written in green cursive lettering. With the relaunch, the package deal design changed into modernized. The dye of the tin was modified to blue, a colour that is today related to the logo, and the typography changed into modified to a greater modern-day font. Furthermore, the location methods become switched to preserve up with the social modifications of that time. Nivea now allowed its clients to get a “wholesome suntan” to mirror the modified beliefs of splendor.

After a hard length throughout World War II, Beiersdorf began anew. In many countries, the Nivea logos had been lost on account that they were seized with the aid of the effective countries. Soon after the conflict, Beiersdorf started out buying returned the logos. In 1963, it added revolutionary products just like the global’s first “liquid cream,” Nivea Milk. With Nivea Men After Shave Balsam, Beiersdorf brought in 1980 the first aftershave product that soothed the skin. By the Nineties, Nivea become the world’s main pores and skin care logo with a standardized worldwide logo policy. It had accelerated its product line into new regions, like makeup, guys’s facial crème, and deodorants. In only 10 years after standardizing its international brand policy, income had quadrupled and Nivea have become Beiersdorf’s largest brand.

But now not all product line extensions have been a success and numerous of the corporation’s global ventures were disasters. The purchase of C-Bons in 2007, China’s quantity hair care emblem, became a flop. Even in Western Europe, Nivea sales dropped for several years in a row. Nevertheless, Nivea preserved its worldwide expansion approach with a chain of neighbourhood product diversifications at the same time as the brand look became standardized. In Asian countries, for instance, facial products bought much higher considering they contained elements selling a honest complexion whereas within the Middle East local fragrances like musk were used.

In 2011, Beiersdorf started to restructure Nivea’s product portfolio and brand appearance. Above all, Nivea’s contemporary rectangular logo became redesigned to resemble the classic Nivea brand. It now mirrors the well-known tin packaging with a round blue logo with the logo name Nivea located prominently in the middle. All Nivea products underwent these logo adjustments to reconnect the logo to its centred product, Nivea crème. Tests confirmed that with the brand new logo Nivea’s visibility on the factors of buy had advanced. In addition, the bundle design of most Nivea merchandise changed into modified. For instance, the cap of all body lotion packages became reshaped.

It is now tilted towards the consumer, and has a greater inviting appearance and sense. Nivea for Men turned into renamed Nivea Men to bolster the emblem’s position in the rapid growing marketplace for men’s cosmetics. Also, the product line of Nivea turned into rearranged. Several products and classes, that were much less a hit and not sufficient in sync with the brand’s slightly reshaped middle values—consider, care, and closeness—were abandoned. All in all, the product portfolio changed into reduced through about 25 percentage, in particular in over-segmented categories like deodorants. Beauty was dropped as an additional middle value of the logo that have been added within the 1990s.

Consistently, makeup products have been withdrawn from the product line. But the innovation process nevertheless persevered. With In-Shower Body Moisturizer, Nivea delivered a especially innovative and successful product to be used on moist pores and skin this is quicker and more convenient to use than traditional frame lotion. Today, Nivea is one of the strongest face care manufacturers. Around 30 percent of all ladies around the sector use Nivea merchandise. The global logo focus for Nivea is ninety three percentage. Nivea is the marketplace leader inside the pores and skin care phase in 46 international locations, and has repeatedly been voted the Most Trusted Skin Care Brand by way of consumers in 12 European international locations.


1. What had been the important thing steps in keeping Nivea’s leading position inside the worldwide facial care marketplace?

2. Explain the relationship between cultural norms and product preference.

What is Nivea’s approach in respecting cultural range while pursuing a worldwide brand method?

3. Discuss Nivea’s destiny. What have to Beiersdorf do subsequent with its product line?

Where is the future growth for the brand?


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