Ashneer Grover

Sucess Journey..

Early Career in Finance 

Worked in finance roles at Deloitte and Visa, gaining experience in the financial sector 

Co-founding BharatPe (2018) 

Founded BharatPe with Shashvat Nakrani, aiming to simplify digital payments for small merchants in India.  

Co-founding BharatPe (2018) 

Introduced an innovative QR code-based payment system to facilitate UPI transactions for merchants. 

Rapid Growth and Expansion 

BharatPe gained significant traction and funding, expanding its services beyond payments to include loans and other financial products for small businesses. 

Leadership Style and Public Persona

Known for outspokenness and controversial statements, which garnered both admiration and scrutiny in public and social media

Internal Conflicts and Exit 

Reports of disagreements with the company's board members led to Grover's exit from BharatPe in 2022. 

Legacy and Impact: 

Despite his exit, Grover's role in building BharatPe into a prominent fintech player in India remains a significant part of his entrepreneurial journey.