Who kills a Brand  ???

Lack of Innovation

Failing to adapt to changing market trends and evolving consumer preferences

Poor Quality Control 

Consistently delivering subpar products or services damages the brand's reputation and erodes consumer trust 

Marketing Strategies 

Misaligned or poorly executed marketing campaigns can fail to connect with the target audience, diminishing brand visibility and appeal. 

Ignoring Customer Feedback 

Disregarding or neglecting customer feedback and failing to address concerns can lead to dissatisfaction and a decline in brand loyalty. 

Negative Publicity or Scandals

Controversies, scandals, or unethical practices can severely tarnish a brand's reputation and lead to a loss of consumer confidence. 

Over branding and Overextension 

Introducing too many products or extensions under the same brand umbrella can dilute the brand's essence and confuse consumers

Lack of Adaptability 

Inability to evolve with technological advancements, industry changes, or shifting consumer behaviors can render a brand obsolete.  

Failure to Deliver Value 

If a brand fails to provide value that exceeds the competition or doesn’t meet customer expectations, it risks losing its market relevance. 

Brand Dilution 

Extending into unrelated markets or diverging too far from the core identity can dilute the brand's essence, causing confusion and alienating its loyal customer base.