Learn the Art of.......

Heritage with a Modern Twist

1-Embrace the rich cultural heritage of chai while infusing it with the refined skills and knowledge of an MBA. 2-Highlight the blend of tradition and modernity in both the beverage and the expertise it represents.

Expertise in Every Cup

1-Portray the MBA Chai Wall as a place where not only chai is served but also business discussions, networking, and knowledge sharing take place.  2-It's where individuals with business acumen gather, fostering an environment for intellectual exchanges..

Symbol of Networking

1-Position it as a hub for professionals and business enthusiasts to converge, share ideas, and build networks. 2-Emphasize the value of connections made over a cup of chai, tying it to the collaborative nature of MBA education.

Quality and Refinement

1-Highlight the premium quality of the chai served, aligning it with the refined skills and knowledge acquired through an MBA program. 2-Emphasize the attention to detail and the pursuit of excellence in both aspects.

Community and Inclusivity

Showcase the inclusivity of the space, welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds—students, professionals, entrepreneurs—to come together, fostering a sense of community and learning.

Education and Empowerment

Position the MBA Chai Wall as not just a place for beverages but as an educational platform. Host workshops, talks, or discussion forums related to business, leadership, and entrepreneurship to empower visitors.


Remember, the success of this positioning will also rely on consistent branding elements like ambiance, service quality, and the overall experience offered to customers.